It has become quite like summer.

For me, I was born in Tokyo and brought up in Tokyo, the ocean was a place...

For me, I was born in Tokyo and brought up in Tokyo, the ocean was a place without much margin. Even if I had been there, it was not a beautiful ocean and it was not a scene that was specially moved. I do not like such a sea. that's what I thought. I still can not forget the scenery of Okinawa on my school trip. On the first day it was a cloudy sky, not a blue sea but a transparent sea. A cloudy sky is reflected in the sea, and it is a dull color. After all, it started raining and I could not take much action on the first day of Okinawa. The next day was cloudy. Free activities could be taken on this day by group. Although I went around famous churches such as Churaumi Aquarium and Manza hair, I could hardly see the blue sea. That beautiful ocean you see in the picture does not appear. Still, I was impressed by seeing the sea of ??clear water, and spent a while for a while in the sea near the hotel. Looking for shells, trying to beat the waves. I enjoyed while talking with my friend how beautiful you are. That may have been a little naughty by God. When it got time to go back to the hotel a little more, clouds pulled and the sun came out. The glittering sea. Transparent water coming from the sea touches the foot. Oh, this is the sea, this is Okinawa. Feeling that this is the true figure of the sea in Okinawa. After a while the sun hid behind the cloud again. Why is the sun hiding? I remember crying out to my hotel with my friend. The shining ocean of that moment was really beautiful. The emotion doubled because it appeared in the hope. Memories that can not be forgotten even now. Let's hope that it will be sunny forever the next time. I am a rain girl, though.

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