It has become quite like summer.

I like domestic travel, I go about five times a year.

I like domestic travel, I go about five times a year. There are several times I go to Tokyo using the Tomei Expressway, but I like the scenery from the service area on that street. The Hamanako service area also serves as a break and surely stops, but it is very beautiful, looking down from Hamanako seen from there. Especially the view of the lake as it rises when the rising sun rises is the best. Fujikawa service area, Fuji can be seen, so I think that it is a good place as a photographic spot on sunny days. Even in the same service area, the scenery seen up and down is slightly different so you can enjoy going and returning. In the near field, the Kurosaburo Takahara in Nagano prefecture is one of my favorite places to go casually even with a child. Snowy mountains looking while skiing are beautiful because of the ski resort in winter. Because of the plateau, summer is cool, you can also enjoy mass fishing and putting golf. It is also healed by the greens of trees rising around. Eating soba noodle and pickles at a meal place is one of enjoyment. Good places and places with delicious items are attractive.

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