It has become quite like summer.

This summer, I am planning a trip for a long time Kei is exclusively domes...

This summer, I am planning a trip for a long time Kei is exclusively domestic ... and mostly Kanto limited, but (? traveling is speaking, scenery, scenic spots, food, culture, history ... I can meet various things In this time, I would like to write about [landscape] Kay - chan, I do not have any sight of the scenery separately, but I have a favorite scenery, it is ""Asama - Shirane volcano route"" Nagano The prefecture starts from Karuizawa, a highway that goes through Tsumagoi in Gunma and continues towards Manza hot springs. A toll road with a total length of about 60 kilometers is stretched to penetrate the middle of the Joshinetsu Kogen National Park. One road runs at the hem of the mountain but this is the most exhilarating! When you are driving the car, you can only see the road before and behind.The grassland spreads out on both sides, Mt. Asama Majestic figure of You can witness such a thing, the view when running a car with clear skies like penetrating through it is just the panorama of the sky, the way, the sky, the meadow, and Mt. Asama, that's it But even though it is only it, it is Kei's favorite scenery that directs magnificent panorama.It is a wonderful scenery even if it is not a place called a sight.On this way there is a tea house at the Pass There are also institutions such as Asama Farm, Onigamekoen, etc. In particular, Demonpakuen is recommended as a lump of natural lava rocks over mountain ranges and it also produces a scenic view that is overwhelming, it is somewhat like a sightseeing guide It is Kei's favorite scenery, well then, see you again!

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